One of the distinct signs of the Center for Information Technologies in Finance (CTIF), which has been operating since August 1, 2018, following the reorganization and merger of the three state-owned enterprises ("SF"), "Fiscservinform" and "Vamservinform", is the combination of its experienced staff with the young specialists. Most of the re-employed CITF specialists from the mentioned state enterprises have 10-15 years of experience in delivering administration and development services for the automated information systems (AIS) of the Ministry of Finance, State Tex Service, Customs Service and other public institutions and authorities.

Of over 500 institution employees, about 70 percent are specialists directly or indirectly involved in the CITF service provision. It is worth mentioning, that the “veterans” of the first Ministry of Finance Computing Center (01.10.1973) the predecessor of SE “Fintehinform” and later on CITF, are among the active staff. Young specialists, which make up around 21 percent of staff, work closely with the more experienced team members, learn from their experience and take on the best practices, therefore ensuring continuity in the processes of creating, implementation and modernization of AIS in the field of public finance.

We are proud of having among us 4 employees decorated for special work merits, state distinctions and three specialists with the title of Master in Communication and Information Technology. Another distinctive feature of our team is that 42 percent of the institution’s staff are women, showing high standards of professionalism and responsibility in the assigned duties’ performance.

People make up the fundamental value in CITF. We believe in the team spirit and what the people can achieve through passion and dedication. People are what makes the team and are there for the CITF customers at all time, to put the technology work for the efficiency and support of the customer activities.

Created in order to raise the quality of IT services and solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the country's financial system, CTIF imposes a new quality and efficiency standard, following with passion and dedication the mission for which it was created and respecting its core values.

CITF's mission is to create efficiency and value for its customers in a close partnership by delivering superior IT solutions and services, created by passion and dedication to the advanced technologies, innovation and operational excellence.

The core values of the CTIF team:

  • Respect for the customer. Spirit of partnership
  • Continuous efficiency and value creation for the customer
  • Passion for innovation and advanced technologies
  • Professionalism. Responsibility
  • Operational excellence. Quality and efficiency