According to its Statute, approved by Government Decision no. 125 of 06.02.2018, CITF has the following areas of competence:

  • administration, development, maintenance and ensuring the functioning of information systems in the fields of: public finances, public procurement, taxation and customs;
  • implementation of information technologies, both within the Ministry of Finance, its subordinated public authorities, and outside the Ministry of Finance;
  • providing institutional support, including in the area of accounting in the budgetary sector and in the continuous development of the staff’s professional capacities working in the fields of: public finances, public procurement, taxation and customs;
  • Administrarea şi întreţinerea infrastructurii TIC şi a altor infrastructuri conexe activităţii desfăşurate atât în cadrul Ministerului Finanţelor, cât şi în cadrul autorităţilor administrative din subordinea acestuia;
  • ensuring representation at the Customs Authority as well as Customs Warehousing;
  • other areas assigned by the normative acts, including the founder, within the competence of the Center.


According to its Statute, CITF carries out the following functions:


  • Implementation of the single window mechanism in the delivery of public services in its fields of competence;
  • provision and modernization of public services in the areas of competence established in paragraph 6 of Government Decision no. 125 of 06.02.2018;
  • facilitating the implementation of the process of modernization and digitization of public services in order to increase the efficiency of operational processes and reduce costs;
  • creation, holding and development of state information systems and resources in the areas of competence, in accordance with the normative acts;
  • other functions assigned by the normative framework and the founder.