Individuals and legal entities, regardless of their legal form of organization, may address the Public Institution „Center for Information Technologies in Finance” (CITF), petitions/ complaints on CTIF's activity and the quality of the services provided by the institution.

The written petitions /complaints can be sent to the following postal address: MD-2005, Chisinau, Constantin Tănase Street, 7, or electronically, to

The petition/complaint must be signed by the author, indicating his/her name, last name and address.

The electronic petition /complaint is to be written in a laconic form (max 2000 symbols), with a specific description of the case, proposal or the question of the signatory. When examining the electronic message, CITF is entitled to verify its authenticity and request additional information from the signatory of the message. Following the examination of the electronic message, the petitioner will receive an electronic reply to the e-mail address indicated in the message.

Based on the national legislation, petitions / complaints received by CITF are reviewed within 30 working days, and if no additional examination needed - without a delay, or within 15 working days from the date of their registration, with the exceptions established by law. In special cases, the deadline for examining the petition / complaint may be extended by the CITF Director by up to 30 working days, about which the Signatory is informed.