Brokerage field services
The CTIF customs field brokerage offices are located next to the following customs posts:

Balti (Balti municipality, 195 Stefan cel Mare st.)
tel: 0231- 64412, 060200822)
(Edineț municipality, Gagarin st. 45)
tel: 0246-24219, 060200828)
Mărculești International Airport (Floresti district, Lunga village)
Cahul (mun. Cahul, M. Viteazul st. 1A)
tel: 0299-42301, 060200820)
Ungheni (mun. Ungheni, M. Eminescu st. 10)
tel: 0236-27113, 060200830)
Calarasi (city of Calarasi, Calarasi st. 3)
tel. 060200821)
Leușeni (Hâncești district, Leușeni village, territory of Leușeni customs station)
tel: 0269-46203, 060200834)
Giurgiulești (Cahul district, Giurgiulești village, territory of the Giurgiulești customs station)
tel: 0299-68832, 060200839)
Sculeni (Ungheni district, Sculeni village, Sculeni customs station)
tel: 0236-63729, 060200835).

Measurement services

The measurement services of the loads on the axles, the total mass and the dimensions of the vehicles are provided by the Inspection Body within the CITF at ten measuring points located at the following crossing points of the state border of the Republic of Moldova:

Criva (Briceni district, Criva village), tel: 060302453;
Otaci (Ocnita district, Otaci town), tel: 060302456;
Sculeni (Ungheni district, Sculeni village), tel: 060302452;
Leușeni (Hîncești district, Leușeni village), tel: 060302450, 060302451;
Giurgiulești (Cahul district, Giurgiulești village), tel: 060302454;
Cahul (mun. Cahul), tel: 060302455;
Palanca (Stefan Voda district, Palanca village), tel: 060302458;
Tudora (Stefan Voda district, Tudora village), tel: 060302457;
and at the internal points Balti, tel: 060200813 and Briceni, tel: 060302453.