The public institution "Center of Information Technology in Finance" (CITF) today launched the Russian and English versions of its official website The translation of the website has been carried out by the CITF specialists and aims to ensure access to information on the site for the Russian speakers in the country and abroad, as well as the English speakers from other countries interested in the activities and services provided by the institution.

CITF Director, Mr. Corneliu Jaloba expressed his confidence that the launch of the Russian and English versions of the website will stimulate the communication of the institution's subdivisions with its current and potential clients, as well as with the users of the financial and fiscal electronic services, which will help the institution become a trusted partner for all those who use or want to make use of its services.

The current version of CITF's official website, was developed by a group of young IT specialists within the institution, and was launched in May 2019. The website is composed of six sections containing detailed information about the activities, services and products offered by CITF, as well as the technical and advisory support provided by the institution to the users of the information systems it manages. This information is included in the Customer Support section, where the website visitors can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about electronic financial and tax services, customs brokerage and customs warehouse services, as well as the contact details of the specialists in the customer support sections and of CITF filed representatives from which they can receive consultations.

The basic mission of the CITF’s mission is to ensure the administration, development, maintenance and functionality of information systems, the ICT infrastructure and other infrastructure related to the activities carried out within the Ministry of Finance, the State Tax Service, the Customs Service and other authorities subordinated to the Ministry, as well as the implementation of information technologies both within the mentioned entities and outside them, throughout the country.

In addition to the services deriving from its mission, CITF also provides other services: issues electronic signatures, ensures the connection of the economic agents to the electronic fiscal services, offers accounting services in the budget sector, training in the fields of public, fiscal and customs finances, related customs services , including customs brokerage, customs warehousing and measurement, as well as a wide range of printing services.

CITF press service
September 30, 2019